How To Become A Successful Blogger

Just a little while ago, I came across this question: How to blog? Well it was more like an imperative sentence asking me to give tips on blogging. Problem is, I’m not sure if I should be the one answering this. My blog’s relatively invisible with no sponsored ads and very few readers you can count them by hand.

Still, I may not be typing from experience, I assure you this is a foul-proof idea. From the girl who believes that it is not necessary to learn from your own mistakes, you can learn from others’ before you commit the same mistake. The same goes for tips.

And the reason why my blog isn’t a hit? It’s because I didn’t do some of the following… Continue reading How To Become A Successful Blogger


It doesn’t hurt to be a bit nicer after all

Pass on that fluffy feeling 🙂

Working in a service industry is no easy task.

Let’s take for example a typical department store sales lady. She wakes up at 7am, takes the 1-hour commute to work in her flats/flip-flops, lines up in the entrance with other yawning employees, changes into heels in preparation for an 8-hour shift standing all throughout the day. After which, takes home a measly minimum wage to provide for a family of 8. At times, she takes does overtime or comes in during her day off to fill-in for another employee. And this process repeats until she moves up in her career, change fields, or retire from work. Continue reading It doesn’t hurt to be a bit nicer after all

A Tribute To The University of the Philippines

There’s a reason why cliches become cliches – it’s because they’re so true there’s no better way to say it. Like when people discuss hard work and success, about how it becomes sweeter as you work harder.

Academic life is one area where we hate to talk about hard work. The word itself is stressing enough. But what about in the University of the Philippines? In UP, hard work isn’t the solution to needs but the answer to genuine desires. There’s more to UP than student activists and Greek organizations. UP is home to famous graduates, professors we take pride in, a challenge in operating mediocre facilities, and experiences that no other school can give.

The University of the Philippines is famous for being the center of academic excellence in the Philippines. To show evidence, it has produced notable graduates in the arts like National Artists Fernando Amorsolo and Lino Brocka, the first female chef of the White House Cristeta Comerford, and media personalities like Jessica Soho and Kim Atienza. Graduates also showed tenacity in economics like former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and the CEO of GMA Network Felipe Gozon. In the field of science, we have child prodigy Mikaela Fudolig, National Scientists, Fe del Mundo and Paulo Campos, and historian Encarnacion Alzona. All of them world famous. And every year, UP produces graduates who go the distance in politics, science, the arts, or back to UP as educators of the next generation. We even fill the country’s political seats with UP graduates even though – I dare to say Continue reading A Tribute To The University of the Philippines

Sun Tzu Would Have Made a Good PR Practitioner

Co-contributors for this article: Marie Louise Valbuena & Erose Marlo Laeno

Mind Bullet: two words whose meaning might elude many at first. It’s pithy and with high recall – it’s the most suitable name Mr. Eero Brillantes could give to a company designed for Market Positioning and Public Relations. Early on in his career as a CEO of Mind Bullet Inc., Mr. Brillantes has stood by one time-tested strategy – create a core message that can get through to the audience, stick to it and everything should follow accordingly.

Working in a PR company, Mr. Brillantes is faced with the daily task of strategizing for clients in the corporate and political fields. Similar to the practices observed in the fields of marketing and advertising, he begins with the core message – the single most important idea that addresses the client’s needs with the reaction of the audience in mind. As much as Mr. Brillantes acknowledges the importance of advertising in creating his campaigns, he admits that he places a premium first and foremost on public relations. In the whole sphere of marketing, he says that he makes sure to put public relations first bago bola – advertising.

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Ako si Ninoy: The Musicale

I just came home from the Ako si Ninoy Musicale produced by my classmate Earl Gamboa of Force Majeure Events Management Experts with Marj Casal of Witty Minds, and performed by the Philippines Stagers Foundation. It was part of a class requirement and also to support our classmates Earl and Marj who are both doing well in their media careers while still being an OrCom student.

Discussion question: What have you done to be another Ninoy?

In the musicale, the characters exhibited the Ninoy Aquino in them by fulfilling their responsibilities and doing what is right. However, I believe that it is an unspoken human rule to Continue reading Ako si Ninoy: The Musicale

No More Messy Sinks!

People are generally neat. We have the natural tendency to clean up when things get dirty, stay clean for a while, and curse having to clean again once it starts to become dirty. And to deal with the unpleasant smell that comes with most dirt and grime, we use soaps. When it comes to scents, each one has their own preference: citrus, flowery, or musky. Though we may disagree on which scent is the best, we can all agree that the smell of garlic, onion, fish, poo, and stinky socks is life threatening – at least for the nasal airways.

Soaps have been around for about 2,800 years.  The earliest known evidence of soap uses are from Babylonian clay cylinders dating from 2800 BC containing a soap-like substance. A formula for soap consisting of water, alkali and cassia oil was written on a Babylonian clay tablet around 2200 BC. However, it was only in the mid-1950s that soap became generally accepted as a tool of personal hygiene.

I dislike this kind of wet mess too.

In this generation, we take soaps for granted. We hate the fact that soaps leave residue on soap holders and leave our sinks messy. So, people came up with the idea of Continue reading No More Messy Sinks!